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Tracklisting – Episode 208 – mixed by Steve Sai:

1º Yoram – Susurrous (Patlac Remix)
2º Jonny Calypso – San Zhi (Original Mix)
3º Groj & Van Did – Phare (Phm Remix)
4º Andro V – Dune (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
5º Unique Repeat – Hiding Places (Original Mix)
6º Wild Guess – Nebulae (Original Mix)
7º Steve Sai – Across The Sky (Original Mix)
8º Napalm & D-Phrag – Tour de Force (Original Mix)
9º Guy Mantzur – All Over Music (Original Mix)
10º Crocy feat.Ashley Berndt – Cry (Steve Sai Remix)


 Steve Sai:

 What really stands out from Steve’s sets are the smooth and hypnotising sequencing as well as his stellar track selection reflecting the more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Originally from Athens (76), Steve entered the underground music scene on its rise in the mid 90’s and since his first appearance in 96, he played in almost every acclaimed dance floor in Greece, both as headliner or support Dj and alongside of Atmos,Dave Seaman,Max Cooper, Minilogue,D-Nox,Moshic,Siopis,The Hacker,Mark Broom & Matthew Hoag among others.His innovative, yet mind-blowing set at Love Parade in Berlin 2006 for the Ntrop Recordings Float, set him up as a respected and promising artist on the demanding world of techno and after two years of studying electronic music production, in 2007 he started to produce music with different projects and therefore styles. His latest personal sound signature can be described as a kind of Deep Tech with dirty bass lines and fat synths as main components and on top of all that, he has also been closely involved as representing DJ, Producer, AR and Manager of well established local & worldwide labels and agencies such as the legendary Bonzai Progressive,Friday Lights Exclusive,,B2B Records,Rhythmetic Records,Micro Digital Records,Harmonia Records,Reset,Sabotage,Space Progressive & more.

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