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Tracklisting – Episode 204 – mixed by Jonny Calypso:

1º Marc Romboy,Rodriguez Jr. – Lac De Nivelles (Original Mix)
2º Kevin Vega – Destiny (Original Mix)
3º Matan Caspi – I Wanna (Original Mix)
4º Matzak – African Roots (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)
5º Eelke Kleijn – A Tale Of Two Lovers (Original Mix)
6º Marcelo Paladini – Benja Arrives (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
7º Moshic – Do It To Me Now (Gai Barone Remix)
8º Fingers Clear & Juli Dee – Frog Is Deep (Original Mix)
9º Lateral Cut Groove – Guajiro (Original Mix)
10º Cordoba – Surface (Audio Noir Remix)


 Jonny Calypso:

 You might ask yourself “Who the Fuck is Jonny Calypso?” Born Manuel Palmitesta in the South Germany to a big Italian-German Family, the moniker Jonny Calypso is a product of his crazy life. Having grown into a family of musicians from his father side, both uncle and father were renowned musicians from Italy in the mid 80’s, Jonny was well exposed in to music from classical to popular music of that time. At a very young age, and as can only be expected, he learns his way around the keyboards and drums with the sole intention to play his rendition of groups like KLF, Snap and Run DMC. By his teen years in the 90’s, he moves on into fronting as a singer in several Rock bands and Hip Hop groups, learning and absorbing musical knowledge and comprehension of all kinds of music. It was soon there after he discovers his true musical calling in the Electronic Music Industry, leading to the end result we all know as Jonny Calypso. Starting his DJ career at the end of the 90’s in small clubs and pubs, Jonny decides to take a break to asses where and what he should do next. It was not until 2007 that we see his return to the decks. But once again, he finds himself not yet satisfied. In 2008, after meditation and trying to find what it was he was missing, is when he realizes that not only does he has the need for beats manipulation, but he has the dire craving for bringing out his own sound, which is the reflection and expression as to who he really is and because….. Music is life, Music Is Jonny Calypso.

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