• Bonzai Basik Beats 489 – mixed by Rick Pier O’Neil

    17 January, 2020  /  Bonzai Progressive

    Rick Pier O’Neil heads up the Bonzai Basik Beats guest spot this week with a blistering progressive house set to get the weekend under way. A stalwart on the scene for over a decade, Rick enjoys a massive following of music lovers. He consistently churns out quality tracks on several labels and never disappoints. Tonight’s […]

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  • Bonzai Basik Beats 488 – mixed by Ivan Nikusev

    10 January, 2020  /  Bonzai Progressive

    Ivan Nikusev returns for his second stint on Bonzai Basik Beats. Macedonian DJ and producer Ivan hails from the old school progressive scene. In 2011 he founded OLD SQL Recordings which has built a solid artist and fan base across the world. His experience as a DJ took him to many countries and their festivals […]

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  • Bonzai Basik Beats 487 – mixed by Coss Bocanegra

    3 January, 2020  /  Bonzai Progressive

    Coss Bocanegra joins the Bonzai Basik Ranks with a delicious 60-minute progressive set to get the weekend started. Coss is doing the business over on our main imprint, Bonzai Progressive, where he recently delivered his Debut, The Room. Here, he sets his skills to mixing a sublime journey filled with tracks from the likes of […]

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  • Bonzai Basik Beats 486 – mixed by Ricardo Piedra

    27 December, 2019  /  Bonzai Progressive

    Ricardo Piedra joins us on Bonzai Basik Beats this week for another round of deep grooving beats and lush progressive vibes. In the mix tonight, he’s selected a fine cast of artists such as Manu Riga, Fat Sushi, Wielki, Yeadon, Anartist, Rick Pier O’Neil, Several Spirits and D.Jameson as well as some sublime tracks of […]

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  • Bonzai Basik Beats 485 – mixed by Tom Wax

    20 December, 2019  /  Bonzai Progressive

    We welcome Tom Wax back to the Bonzai Basik Beats booth and, once again, he delivers the goods with a mouth-watering set that will set the pulses racing. This week’s mix includes some outstanding creations from CJ Bolland, Patrick Berg, Adam Beyer, Layton Giordani, Green Velvet, Cherrymoon Trax, Tiger Stripes, Jam & Spoon, Laurent Garnier, […]

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  • Bonzai Basik Beats 484 – mixed by DJ Lucky

    13 December, 2019  /  Bonzai Progressive

    DJ Lucky is back at the helm for another feisty retro oldskool mix on Bonzai Basik Beats. Straight outta the nineties, Lucky has mixed some of the best-known pumping techno, house and hard trance tunes out there at some of the biggest and best parties in Belgium. Here, he takes us back with memorable cuts […]

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