This week's episode - compiled & mixed by Jacob Singer



Jacob Singer returns to the Bonzai Basik Beats radioshow for his second outing and once again he delivers the goods with a masterful tight set to get the floors moving. Track selection is always key and Jacob has this nailed with tracks and remixes from Feemarx, Greg S, Matan Caspi, Orelse, Stage Van H Blush, Suleyman Sen, Daniel Checkmate, Mario Puccio, Ewan Rill & Casper, Analog Jungs, Cosmonaut, Golan Zocher and two juicy cuts from Jacob himself. The perfect fodder to get the party rocking, not to be missed.


1º Feemarx – Intro (K2)
2º Greg S – Go Away (Matan Caspi Remix)
3º Orelse – Red (Stage Van H Blush Mix)
4º Suleyman Sen – Come to Me (Stergios Regeneration Remix)
5º Daniel Checkmate – Anubi (Felipe Michan Remix)
6º Jacob Singer – Yetzirah (Original Mix)
7º Mario Puccio – Faustina (Golan Zocher Remix)
8º Cosmonaut Rebus Project – Exosphere (Original Mix)
9º Ewan Rill & Casper – Bus (Hot TuneiK Remix)
10º Analog Jungs – Inefable (Original Mix)
11º Jacob Singer – Ain Sof (Original Mix)