This week's episode - compiled & mixed by Following Light



Following Light returns for his second stint on Bonzai Basik Beats. A very much respected artist on the scene, this guy has been churning out quality vibes for quite a while now. Here he turns his hand to creating a super tight set that will kick off your weekend in style. Expect to hear some fine cuts from the likes of Ezequiel Arias, Floolowing Light & Grimmaldika, Jeremy Orlander, Tone Depth, Ziger, Ringberg, Pad One, Jobe, Volkan Erman, Asteroide G, Yvin Sinna & J Ayestaran, Cid Inc, Stevie Q, Trixx K and Hexciv.


1º Ezequiel Arias – Spaceless (Original Mix)
2º Following Light & Grimmaldika – Sunset Boulevard (Original Mix)
3º Jeremy Olander – Gattaca (Original Mix)
4º Tone Depth Ampish – Marathon (Ziger Remix)
5º Ringberg – Sleepwalker (Pad One Analog Remix)
6º Jobe – Orcus (Original Mix)
7º Following Light – Aftersound (Volkan Erman Remix)
8º Asteroide G – Spacious (Following Light Remix)
9º Yvin Sinna & J Ayestaran – Someone to Call (Original Mix)
10º TrixX K – Vortex (Following Light Remix)
11º Stevie Q – Diamond (Following Light Remix)
12º Hexciv – Empathica (Following Light Remix)
13º Cid Inc – Yhi (Original Mix)