This week's episode - compiled & mixed by metrONomes



The dynamic duo that make up metrONomes return to DJing duties here at Bonzai Basik Beats with yet another fantastic set to blow off the working week stresses and prepare you for a frantic weekend of partying. This is their 12th appearance here and we’re sure we’ll be seeing much more in the future. Tracks and remixes this week come from Juan Sapia, Gaston Ponte, Paul Angelo & Don Argento, Shayan Pasha, Romrez, Paul Deep, Justrice, RPO, Matan Caspi and more.


1º Juan Sapia – Cibola (Gaston Ponte Remix)
2º Shayan Pasha – Excuse (Paul Angelo & Don Argento Remix)
3º Miyagi – Strangers (Allies For Everyone Remix)
4º Romrez featuring Limor Oved – King Of Morocco (Martin Gardoqui & Franco Tejedor Remix)
5º Paul Deep – Seven Chakras (Paul Deep)
6º Justrice – Mathief (Original Mix)
7º Lio Q – 3005 (Rpo Remix)
8º Muhammed Felfel – Concepts Of Justice (Rpo Remix)
9º Ziger, Matan Caspi – Templar (Original Mix)
10º Mayank – The Red Waste (Original Mix)
11º Jose Tabarez – Mindset (Paul Angelo & Don Argento Remix)
12º Blancah – Apneia (Binaryh Remix)
13º Matan Caspi – Home (Original Mix)