This week's episode - compiled & mixed by Matt Black



Matt Black delivers a fantastic set on his Bonzai Basik Beats debut. A solid DJ, Matt also produces quality cuts and remixes. He recently remixed the classic Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth and he done a stellar job on that to the delight of many. Tracks and remixes from Huminal, Blufeld, Randy Seidman & Steve Porter, Jiminy Hop, Jawjee, Luke Brancaccio & Simon Berry, Way Out West, Guy J, Lee Ogdon, Trancesetters, Luza, Hosh and Chris Micali as well as two efforts from Matt himself are on hand to rock the party long into the night.


1º Huminal – Anger Management (Original Mix)
2 ºBlufled – Tristful Sleeper (Original Mix)
3º Randy Seidman And Steve Porter – Safe Passage (Chris Micali Deeper Mix)
4º Jiminy Hop – Thousand Miles Underground (Original Mix)
5º Jawjee – Enlightenment (Original Mix)
6º Luke Brancaccio And Simon Berry – Oblivion (Hosh Remix)
7º Way Out West – Tuesday Maybe (Guy J Remix)
8º Matt Black – Water (Original Mix)
9º Lee Ogdon – Sanctuary (Matt Black Remix)
10º Transcetters – Roaches (Luza Unofficial Re-Edit)